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We have various Training Courses, designed to the needs of individuals or Groups.

Please see below for current Courses, however we can usually custom a package to support your needs.


This package has been designed for parents to carry out with the child. With the view of both parent and child working together to understand the dangers.

After various meetings and conversations with parents, we found that the majority agreed that it would benefit having a means to connect with their child over their drug use.

The course is taken over a 2 month period and offers 6 modules. Each package comes with 2 x drugs tests to be taken by the child. The course can be accessed via Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone at home. Each module has an exam at the end and is monitored remotely. All participants have full support via telephone or online chat. Each Course participant will have a personal Log In and will be prompted to complete each section within a selected time period.

£30 incl VAT
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Out Call Group

Ideal for Schools, Colleges and Support Groups dealing with Children.

We visit you as a group and offer an Educational Course. This can be for teachers, support workers or why not try one of our evening courses for parents.

By Educating the Adults, we find it gives them confidence when dealing with the Children. The adults approach they make can be adjusted to break down the barrier created by the child and help form a closer bond.

Group day courses can also be set up for Children, making the experience more personal and offering more detail to the training.

Bespoke Training - Contact us for a quote

One to One Course

This is for the high end support that may be required for higher users. There is a 3 - 6 month course, with full mentoring (Longer if needed). This includes more in depth support and monitoring including drug testing. This course is for full families and home visits. This may also include a Counselling Service or additional Faces Charity work.

After a free consultation, we will determine how to support each individual on a one to one basis. This option involves daily communication and offers the child a distraction. There are full follow ups at 3 monthly intervals over a 12 month period.


We offer a referral scheme for Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities. For children found using Cannabis.

We offer a Course designed to focus on under 18s who need to be shown the dangers of using in Public, at School or in the general work place. The course includes drug testing and further follow ups 3 months after the course has been completed.

If you are a local authority or work place that requires additional support, please get in touch for a free consultation.

Before any course is agreed upon, there is a free consultation.

For more information, please contact us via our contact form and we shall reply within 24 hours.