Our Services

We have various Educational Courses, our Mobile App and also the UKs 1st Cannabis Education Centre. All designed to offer support to the community

Education Centre

Ideal for Schools, Colleges and Support Groups within the community.

By Educating the Adults, we find it gives them confidence when dealing with the Children. The adults approach can then be adjusted to break down the barrier created by the child and help form a closer bond. We can support groups such as Crisis Intervention Teams, School Teachers and even Groups of Families.

Group day/half day courses can also be set up for Children, making the experience more personal and offering more detail to the training.

Bespoke Training - Contact us for a quote

Educational Awareness Talks

Faces can visit you individually or in a group to discuss different aspects of Cannabis. We offer affordable prices for half or full day packages, regular supportive educational sessions and one offs. We can visit Schools, Colleges, Workplaces and even bespoke groups at home if needed.

Once the Centre opens, we will be able to offer training in our training room for up to 16 people at a time. More to come on this.


We offer a referral scheme for Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities. For children found using Cannabis.

We offer a Course designed to focus on under 18s who need to be shown the dangers of using recreational street Cannabis. Our awareness courses offer an Educational Approach rather than a 'this is wrong approach'. We look at Cannabis in general and how it affects your day to day life such as School, Work and College. We also offer confidential support for any under 18s who want to stop drug dealing and start a new life.

If you are a local authority or work place that requires additional support, please get in touch for a free consultation.

For more information, please contact us via our contact form and we shall reply within 24 hours