The Mentoring side to Faces main AIM is to reduce the amount of youngsters misusing Street Cannabis. We offer confidential support to those who feel they need to discuss their usage.

Our Mentoring 'Streetwise' Program is designed for youngsters by offering one to one guidance. We also offer a space for them to be safe and grow in confidence and to meet other like minded groups/individuals.

Faces offers a new approach through Education and Support. We understand kids are going to try Cannabis, it is such a common practice nowadays and is so easy to get hold of. Without being authoritative like their teachers, parents and the police, we offer them somewhere to come and discuss their usage in private.

The Centre is used to integrate individuals into a more responsible surrounding that 'accepts' them and helps them fulfill their dreams.

We also offer support for families who are concerned their kids are going down a dark path. If this is you, please get in contact via email or pop into the Centre.

Once a week we offer Free self defence classes to any youngsters who hand in the weapons and join the Faces group.

We offer a one off costing for this program or a block cost for multiple bookings. We welcome anyone/organisation who generally wants to support these 'lost' kids.

For more information or to visit and have a tour, please contact -