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Amsterdam Raffle

Amsterdam Raffle

Wednesday 29th January 2020
Faces Marketing Team

Running up to our opening and through the week we open, there will be the Faces raffle.

Prizes will be announced on the Friday once all tickets have been sold. If all are sold prior to opening date, we will announce the winner at 4.20pm on the Monday.

You can purchase tickets online, at the Centre prior or on the day you visit.

1500 Tickets
£1 a Ticket

1st Prize - 2 Tickets Flight and Acco for 2 nights in Amsterdam. Includes Free entry to the Cannabis Museum.

2nd Prize - Lifetime Membership which includes a Free lifetime breakfast, once a month. Memberships gain 10% at Faces and various outlets in town.

3rd Prize - Free meal for 6 in the Cafe.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - various prizes from outlets in Weston Town.

To purchase a ticket - PayPal -

We will automatically allocate you a ticket on Facebook. Message us to get your number.

No prizes until all tickets have been sold, get sharing everyone.