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Secret Society of Supervillain Artists

Secret Society of Supervillain Artists

Monday 12th August 2019

Faces have been extremely lucky and we have been allowed to partner with 'The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists'.

We have agreed to allow them to take over the Building for 4 weeks and design all the internal Artwork. Both downstairs and upstairs. The work will be Cannabis related, with some political works thrown in for good fun.

There will be 9 Artists in Total with additional Artists sending in Art from allover the globe.

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Members will be given the opportunity to come and meet them at work.
We will have set dates for schools/colleges to visit and meet them whilst they work, but only a select few dates, so please get in touch asap.
The windows will be blacked out, so the general public can not view until we open.


Ian Walker
Andrew Burns Colwill
Martin Darcy
Vix Morgan
Angus McBob