Vaping Lounge


Opening Hours
Monday - Friday - 8am - 4pm
Saturday - 8am - 4pm
Sunday - 10am - 4pm

During the day, the upstairs is open to the public via the Cafe downstairs.

You have a variety of different services available to you to enjoy whilst eating your food or sipping your Coffee from the Cafe.

Vaping - You are welcome to take advantage of Broskis Vaping Store and try the vast flavours available. Please ask a member of staff for the menu.

Gaming - We have 4 gaming Pods, each holding an Xbox Series X, PS4 and Gaming PC. We already have 3 pro gamers involved in the Centre, why not get involved.

VR Kits - Why not hire a VR Experience for an hour. Travel anywhere in the world, or even play our interactive experience with the Centre.

Pool - We have a Pro Pool Table ready to be used, with a low hourly rate, why not try it out one morning. We will also be holding regular Pool events such as knock out competitions. Along with regular coaching lessons, come and sign up now!

Table Football and Various Board Games - Free to use. Scrabble, Monopoly, plus many many more to choose from.

Lego City - We have created a Lego City with various models available to create as when you visit. We will be running regular 3d Print classes, using Hemp resin, which we will be completing the City with over time.

Graffiti Toilets - The toilets have been designed for you to 'let loose', feel free to grab some paint from the Arts room and express yourself how you like. We will be running regular spray Jams, please see Events. Rule of thumb - if its a white wall, paint it.


Opening Hours
Monday - Friday - 5pm - 10pm
Saturday - 5pm - 10pm
Sunday - 5pm - 10pm

The Lounge Area reverts to a Members Only Lounge when the Cafe closes. We still offer evening meals and various Events for Members.

Only Medical Cannabis to be Consumed - We are above board and legal and would prefer to keep it that way. If you have a Medical prescription, please feel free to participate. Please see Members rules on signing up.

Events such as Live Music, Comedy Nights and Gaming Nights. Please go to the Events section to catch up.

Membership comes in different bands - please see below.

Bronze - £10 per month
Silver - £40 per month
Gold - £100 per month