Our Journey

The Building

A small group of us decided to take on a derelict building in the Centre of Weston, which had been empty for 13 years.
Due to its size and location, it was perfect for what we needed.
We didn't want to have to pay £1000s in rent once the building was renovated, so negotiated with the landlord who has been superb throughout.

It has taken us 9 months to get the building ready for use.

The ethos being to create a self sustaining model and open one of the abandoned buildings in the Centre of Weston.
We set out to offer Sponsors the opportunity to sell their products in the Centre and Café, thus costing out space for each.
This covers the annual rent and amenities excluding electric.
We have disconnected the gas for the environment.
We are currently on the search for a solar panel company, to make us self sustaining for all of our electric.

Being a self sustaining model before we even open the doors, means we have the opportunity to offer more in terms of our Service and Support.

We also want to be as environmentally friendly as possible minimising plastic use and recycling everything we possibly can. We will always aim for % Plastic use.