Faces has been formed as the 1st Cannabis Education Company in the UK.

We offer various Cannabis related Products and Services to the general public including a Café and the UKs 1st Cannabis Education Centre.

From Educating on the need for Industrial Hemp through to Medical and Street Cannabis usage. The Centre is used for all aspects ranging from Cannabis Activism through to Group Education Workshops. By Educating and using facts, we aim to help people understand that Cannabis isn't just the mind altering drug that it is viewed as by many. We Educate on the many uses such as CBD, Hempcrete and even Cosmetics. We are always running campaigns against Plastic and see Hemp as a valid alternative.

The Mentoring side to Faces, supports the younger generation who have got involved in Cannabis in a negative way. We offer a variety of Services for Individuals, Families, Third Party Reforms and Local Authorities. Our Streetwise Program has gone Live and is receiving new referrals every week.