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Faces has been formed to help Educate the Community on the uses of Cannabis. With our main focus on under 18s misuse. Cannabis is so readily available nowadays, we understand under 18s may have tried it at some point in their teenage years, or are even curious to experience it. Through Educating them at a young age, we hope they can understand and differentiate between the dangers and benefits of Cannabis. We offer 'informal' advice in confidence, for any under 18s who feel they need support. Whether this is advice regarding their continued/over use or even confidential support away from a grooming gang, we find we can be more appealing to them, as we are less authoritative in our approach.

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With the UKs 1st Cannabis Education Centre due to open in the next 8 weeks, we are extremely excited of the potential support we can offer the Community. With the meeting room, we can train groups such as schools or college classes. We are looking to expand peoples views on Cannabis, its uses and benefits/dangers. Ranging from Hemp uses, the positives of CBD, Cannabis legalities and we even have a 420 radio station lined up. Upstairs will have confidential offices for our mentors and group training rooms. There will be different sections covering all aspects of Cannabis use. Downstairs will be a retro cafe, with proceeds going to support the under 18s and also merchandise and CBD products for sale. By night there will be adult evenings, comedians and live singing. All adult evenings will be membership only, which also gets you discount in the café, along with 10% off in various outlets in Weston Town Centre. See our eCommerce for membership details.

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