Welcome to the Faces Group

Faces Training Support alongside Mentoring and Business Services, offers a variety of Cannabis related Services to the Community.

Faces Training Support offers awareness and Educational programmes regarding the use of Cannabis. Ranging from Street Cannabis through to Industrial Hemp and its 1000s of different uses.

Faces is Pro legislation and legalisation of Cannabis
We feel that legalising will help avoid under 18s being used by drug gangs, also decreases the chances of under 18s purchasing Cannabis. It would also help decrease the amount of synthetics such as Spice being given to teenagers on the street, including chemicals used in grows. There would also open a massive economical market in the UK, which would create 1000s of jobs and increase tax revenues. Not to mention the amount of time and money saved by the Police who are already stretched to the limit. We are losing the battle on drugs, there needs a new approach, a responsible approach. Education is key.